Monday, March 01, 2010

National Crochet Month 2010

The National Crochet Month starts with some Superwash Malabrigo to crochet with.    I am hoping to  work on My Wollen Mutsen Hat with this yarn and put it throught the washer and see how it stands the elements of water.  March  is in fact  my first official month for  Blog posting from what a riot.  I finally got my own website and it was easy as pie or maybe pies.  This month I am hoping to feature anywahere from 1 to 3 new Tapestry Crochet Hat Patterns.  I have been asked to maybe work on a Tapestry Crochet Hand Bag.  The bag may take longer than a hat, so I don't know what will March 2010 will bring yet, but certainly there will be Tapestry Crochet Patterns for publishing.
Here is a picture of my newest toys.  I really like this camera a lot.  It does not have all the bells and whistles of other cameras, but believe me it is a fun camera to work with.  I am hoping to experiment with my camera and show you the world through my lens in a different way. 
Life continues after Stitches West, in all honesty I  was not very impressed with the Event, I guess besides the fact of putting faces with yarns and stores, there was not a big sale promotion that would have made me purchase lots amount of yarn.  The biggest thrill for me was meeting people and getting to see yarn companies and the tools of the trade.  I hope that they continue every year and that I get to participate in some fashion as a volunteer.  There are some more news, but for now I have to keep quiet lol!  Thanks for stopping by!

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