Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Khlôros Hat

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy
Khlôros Hat as in chlorophyle as in green. This yarn has a very deep color of green and it is super soft. No wonder it is a Malabrigo yarn. I am using my Wollen Mutsen Pattern to work with this yarn, as it is made specifically for Malabrigo yarns. You can still use any worsted weight yarn, but let me tell you that if you could touch the deliciousness of this super wash merino malabrigo yarn you will use no other yarn. So here is goes  for Crochet , I will be doing lots of crochet this month and some knitting. I hope that your experience at my blog is great. I did lose some comments, but not all, just a few , but you can go back m\and make comments on this you see there are none lol! This is my posting for tonight, before I retire to dream of cashmere and mohair and spinning drop spindles. Thanks for stopping by!

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