Friday, March 05, 2010

Khloros Hat Stage 1

Hi there and welcome to Stage 1 of the Wollen Mutsen Sonnetto done in malabrigo superwash.  One of the things that you to  have notice is the measuring tape!  Yes when I have reached the approximately length of about 7 inches, I know that I have completed the stage 1 of the hat according to the instructions.  I am using a Size 3.75 mm aka F hook, but more directly a 3.75mm.  This allows me to play around with the texture of the hat by deciding if I want to alternate hook sizes, sometimes you have to.  Crochet as much as kniting is not a black and white craft, you have to play with the greys once in a while.

This malabrigo superwas has more than one filament, but these Addi crochet Hooks are fantastic toi crochet with, smooth and fast.  Now I am in route to Stage two which is bringing the hat down the sides of my head.  I hope you enjoy the Journey of the Wollen Mutsen malabrigo superwash hat.  Thanks for stopping by.

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