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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Andrea Wong Knits

If you are curious about what the portuguese style of knitting is all about, I can suggest that you to go and visit Andrea Wong Website . There you will find a lot of her dvds, one for socks which I am hoping to get in the future, and the pins that she has created for the ease of this style of knitting.  This dvd has all kinds of material for you from decreases, cast ons to  decreases, ssk, beads , two colors at once, cast off and more in the portuguese style.  What I can tellyou about the portuguese style of knitting is that is very different and I think it is very ergonomic.  It gives you an option for doing what we love in a different way.  I will definitely have some future videos demostrating this kind of knitting.  I can't wait to see what her sock kniting dvd is like when I get it some time in the future, maybe for Christmas 2010.  Thanks for stopping by