Superbowl Sunday Roving

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy
This is some hand dyed roving that I was gifted by a wonderful lady friend, Caprica Six aka Caprica. Today on Ravelry I was accused of being sexist. This lady of course knows nothing about it. SHe complained that she about my sexist language on a man's hat design, she commented on my sexist pink and purple choices for women. In reality people, we are in the 21st Century you can wear any color you want, you can wear women's cloth, men's clothing, as long as you can buy it or wear it for that manner, lol.. What you can not do is Knit a crochet Hat, or crochet a knitted hat, it makes no sense.

I am hoping to have some nice yarn by the end of the superbowl, go SeaBucks! Shiba Rules. Thanks for stopping by.


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