Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dr. Phlox Batt

DrPhloxBatt (2)
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Well not the Bat he has on the Enterprise, but close enough in color. My dear Friend Naomi, got me into this gourp on Ravelry Desert Garden which they have Spin Alongs related to Series we like. Spin Long And Prosper is the motto from the Star Trek Spin Along. This batt represents Dr. Phlox it is Cotswold, nearmere and Carbonized Black Bamboo . I love it beacuse I had to go and research what all these things were. I can tell you that I will be spinning some sock quality yarn. nearmere is a cashmere like fabric made out of nylon, so it is perfect for socks, carbonized bamboo and wool, well that's a treat.

What I like is that I will learn about this fibers from the bottom up, how they behave as I spin them into yarn. Thanks Naomi Thanks Desert Garden farms on Ravelry and on and Desert Garden Farms on Etsy. Thanks for stopping by.

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