Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crafty Andy Spins

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I guess today is a treat, you got 3 postings from me. Even Me is surprised lol! This is the Doctor Phlox Batt and if you look carefully you will see me wearing the latest socks I made. This Drop Spindle spins like a dream. The Batt is amazing and the Lady from Desert Gardens Farms did a wonderful job. Spinning always brings a smile on my face, because is something so personal and ffrmo within. It is mathematical and it is experiencial, yet it is in my gene code. Can you tell I am a geek? I love Science, all of them, specially the physics that govern the forces that make my spindle turns. Angular momentum, resistance is futile. Drafting on the go is the way to go and as you dedicate more time to spinning you learn how you spin. You also learn about your fiber, each fiber behaves differently. I am hoping to make some sock yarn with this, we shall see as I am about 3/4 done spinning the batt, then comes the plying and how much yarn I made. Thanks for stopping by!

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