Triton Mitts wip

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy
This pattern is very fast indeed. I like using 5 dps because they are very useful. In this pattern it calls for 8 stitches to be put on waste yarn, so I leave them on a dpn and move the rest to the other dpns. WHat I found interesting about this project is the fact that I have some some silk. WHen I am knitting or crocheting with this Noro Silk Garden I can tell it has silk by the touch.

For those of you who are afraid of dpns, (Naomi) just try a pair of fingerless mitts . The first time I did my dpns I was just aiming at dropping them , playing with them, taking out the needles, shaking them to see how I would recover. I will still have some Noro Left, I have to see what I come up with so that there is none left. Actually I will keep about 3 meters of it for repairing purposes. Thanks for stopping by.


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