Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Caprican Sock Done

Here is the end product of my first sock. I have to tell you that the more I knit , the more I learn about knitting and about how I knit. As I experienced decreases of two kinds, I leanred that not all decreases are the same lol. When you are doing an SSk if you slip the stitches as if to Knit, you get a beautiful decrease line. If you just slip them purlwise and knit through the back loop the decrease does not look as nice. If you are making just one decrease it makes no real difference, but when there is a sequence like in a sock, it makes a big difference.

The instep is shaped nice, it can be a bit tight , but it actually hugs the foot. It gives you and arch for foot support.
All in all this sock Pattern Oliver, is a great piece of work and I am hoping to make more socks with this pattern. I am hoping to master this pattern and have some brand new socks while joining the RavelOlympics. Sock number two will be started later on today, it will be very useful for my Monday Night Knit Group.Thanks for stopping by.

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