Saturday, January 09, 2010

October Vest, Triton's

May I present you the October Vest in Noro Silk Garden. Tracy St. John has made a wonderful pattern that I will treasure for ever. This pattern with the right modifications can be made into a sweater. I can see why people like Noro now, specially after I have blocked this vest. It is let's say delicious for my yarnie friends out there.
The versatility of this pattern is outstanding even , if you follow the instructions , you will find yourself in the possesion of this fantastic vest. I used 375 grams of Noro SIlk Garde, at 50 grams a skein you do the math, is about 7.5 skeins, I may definitely make a hat ,perhaps a pair of mittens.
This is the front of the vest with the high collar which is no problem with a zipper. The vest is a bit stretchy thanks to the Noro and the pattern gives a bit.

I like the way it wears and I am hoping to have a zipper put into it. This pattern is very reversible. I really like the way it came out. It is one of the few crochet Vests that is great to wear for a man.

Only two seams at the shoulder, which I decide to crochet. Actually I made a single crochet accross the edges and then joined the two together.

This is the backside of the vest as it is being blocked. In my years of crocheting this is the easiest, most beautiful crochet garment I have made. Thanks for stopping by.

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