Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My First Toe - Ups

May I present you my first Toe-Up socks. It took me long enough, since June 09, but what made a difference was the Cat Bhordi book, Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters: Book Two in the New Pathways for Sock Knitters Series (Perfect Paperback)~ Cat Bordhi

I love this bamboo - super wash merino combination of yarn and the yarn is beautiful. Tornasol is a word in Spanish synonymous to iridescent.The word iridescence is derived in part from the Greek word iris (pl. irides), meaning "rainbow", which in turn derives from the goddess Iris of Greek mythology, who is the personification of the rainbow and acted as a messenger of the gods. Goniochromism is derived from the Greek words gonia, which means angle, and chroma, which means color.This where made on US 1 , 2.5 mm addi turbos. The yarn feels fantastic as I walk on them. Now to keep on perfecting the making sock techniques which will help me master making gloves eventually.
Next time when I finish the socks I will be using this neat JSSBO that you can watch in this video. Thanks for stopping by, now to my next pair lol.

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