Thursday, January 21, 2010

Footprints In the Making

I met Cat Bordhi at the Men's Knitting Retreat 2009 near Seattle and she is a fun lady. Very enthusiastic and full of energy. I can see how she can become a very innovative designer, she is a non conformist in the best sense of the word. So after making your footprint you knit, make toe your increases, you get your toe and your heel measurements, then you go all the way up to the leg opening where you will put your lifelines.
Wait a minute you are not done yet, because you need to continue knitting until you are ready to make the decreases for your heel, which you will then close from the inside. You see those two lifelines and the marker in between them? The marker is where you are going to cut and unravel that row. The design is perfect as you will not have gaps when you are knitting the leg..
This is a full view of the whole body of the sock. This is your first sock then don't be so hard on yourself, lol! You will find that you may need to refine your findings. This is serious research my friends, we are looking for the perfect sock pattern, I think we may have found it.Once you are ready and cut you unravel the row up to two stitches on both sides of the opening. But before you do that you will go and follow your lifelines with your needles, just in case , lol. no that is what the instructions call for.Now you are ready to cut and open the leg up open so that you can close the heel. This is your chance to see if the heel fits or does it need to be adjusted. Here is your opportunity to tweak the heel. We all have different feet, so there is no Universal Sock Pattern, specially if you are custom making your socks. Once you open the leg up you have a new Universe at your fingertips or toetips lol!Don't let the picture fool you the fit well, they just have not had their 6 rows of straight knitting so that the second becomes more centered. From here after doing the second sock, I can put them back on on two circulars and knit them up together. I will be casting off using EZ sewn cast off which is stretchy and very easy. There will be more pictures later, I am hoping to finish these socks in a day or two and start another pair. Thanks for stopping by.

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