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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yarn, Unspun fiber and Hemlock Throw

So the story starts with a great garage sale in which I got all this yarn and buttons for $5.00, there are two skeins of mohair, and some other yummy blends. The buttons where a great freebie and as I have been searching for buttons , let me tell you they are not cheap.
I was very lucky the other day as I bought some Unspun Camel wool from a Friend of mine whi is a crocheter. She is allergic to all kinds of wool, but camel wool seems to be great for her. She got a skein of the wool plus about 6 ounces of unspun yarn. I want to card it with some silk and make some yummy yarn. Tussah silk will look great with this wool.

SO here I am with my cousin it custome, or in Spanish we called hi Uncle THing from the Adams. Unblocked this Hemlock Ring Throw is a bit unruly.

I started to block it from the middle out with the steam iron and pinning it as I went accross, so I did all the points, that's when I noticed that someohow I dropped a stitch, I felt so lucky because it would have unraveld and I would have been unhappy. No problems there I fixed the dropped stitch.
Resting on it was a great joy, the wool softens nicely and takes a different shape. Wool is the way to go with this throw.I want to thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great Holiday !

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