Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hard Six Drop Shoulder Sweater

This sweater is from my own creation , it is a great sweater which I have made once before. I love the cables and the drop shoulder. This can easily be modified to be a vest, which I may do later or and a cardigan sweater.
This red diagonal loop is kind of my signature, by the way a Crafty Andy Original. The yarn was gifted to me and is not my choice, but I did a wonderful job if I may say so with what was at hand. I did need to purchase 4 more skeins and since the yarn was discontinued, I got some Lana Grossa, excellent yarn Cinque which complimented the other colors nicely.
If you become obsessed with weaving the ends of the sweater you may have a nervous breakdown, lol. The pattern , plus the yarn does not allow for that. Actually if I had enough yarn I would have hidden the ends at the seams, because I would have had enough to play with it. The seams are done in a single crochet, that way it has a more professional finished look. The video shows you a bit of what I mean.
Even with the drawbacks of the yarn I am very pleased with the end result, six cables, and one on each sleeve, at the center of it.
This is what we call the wrong side, where all the mistakes get hidden, lol. Later on I will be making a hat and will model it with my red corduroy pants.
Thank You for stopping by and for allowing me in your home. Happy Holidays!

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