Friday, November 06, 2009

Nostepinne Per Moi!

So this is ladies and gentlemen a nostepinne made by me. Well not really made, but I went to the hardware store and bought a wooden leg that looked like a nostepinne. The end with the screw was actually at the other side. I go the cutter to cut it for me. then I drill a hole and screw it to the right side and behold the screw came part of it lol!

This is not hard and it was under $5, at this moment it is drying from the satin finish I am giving it, no shipping, no handling but waiting to be used maybe tomorrow or the day after.
I have not given up on finding the right stuff to make a niddy noddy, is it cheaper to buy it? No it is less work, but I enjoy the challenge of making my own Nostepinne. I hope you find this very useful. I went to the hardware store and looked at table legs the rest is history.
It was like it was made to order, very little waiting and it will be natural color with a satin finish. Thanks for stopping by!

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