Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Knit Picks , Onions, Chai Tea and Henna

This yarn soaked in Black Chai Tea,Onion skins dye pot and finally the darker areas where with some henna. I allow it to soak on sections and then I dropped it all in and thus the variations of colors. Onions where very nice to do and I got them from the grocery store bin. I asked if I could have the loose onion skins.

This yarn was dyed using left over henna from the above dyeing job. It soaked for about 20 minutes and it is a mellow beige brown color.

I have some Chai Tea steeping for the dye job I am about to do, I will be adding 100 grams of Knit picks bare worsted weight superwash merino to the mix, but not before getting the onions to , 40 of onion skins to steep in water for about 2 hours to get the beautiful hues of yellows, browns and oranges.
I went to the grocery store and asked if I could have the onion skeins that were loose, they looked at me like ok whatever makes you happy , lol. So I got about 1.5 ounces or 40 grams of onion skins for my project in dyeing. I then remembered that I had some Henna I got at the Thrift Store the other day, so I will be adding that to the soup as well.
I do these in stages, the Tea and Onions were the first and I allow the yarn to soak for 1 hour and some minutes, but not all the yarn at the same time. I played with the sections of yarn and the time, so the gradients in coloration are fantastic. In the end I submerge one part in a bath of pure Henna along with another skein of yarn, 50 grams of Telemark for another 30 minutes to an hour. I got different results with the different yarns and of course playing with the time each section spent in the dye bath. Vinegar was used on all the baths and even when I was steeping the yarn.

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