Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alpacas in Gilroy, Shekinah's Alpacas

The CGOA Men Who Crochet Oakland Chapter took a field trip to an Alpaca Farm in California. Shekina's Alpacas in Gilroy where we got a warm welcome by the Owner and the herd.

Some of the alpacas were very friendly and curious about us, men and women who arrived for the visit.
Others wanted to be pet and fed.
This one wanted to be fed all the time, but was graciously posing for our camera constantly.
I got some beautiful extremely soft roving. I want to make dk weight yarn or worsted, we shall see if my new spindles have the magic ingredient that I am looking for.

This yarn is like pitch black, so beautiful, I have been looking for such a yarn for some time now. I came within budget, actually 7 dollars under lol!
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