Friday, October 09, 2009

Pythagoras Cap Pattern For Sale

This is my lates hat creation for sale. The Pythagoras hat is made with Toots LeBlanc Blue-Faced Leicester/Pygora Goat Fingering. I am also working the pattern with a Knit Picks Dk Yarn to give you options. We all Like Options don't we?
The beauty of this hat is that is not that many instructions and you have the ability of creating may kinds of color combinations that are only limited to your desires. Pythagoras Cap is one of my latest Hats in a Series of Patterns that Will be coming up in the next few months for sale.
I hope that you find this to be pleasing and help me bring Crochet for Men to a different Level. For what matters Crochet for Women as well. This hat is mainly a Man's Hat, maybe if you added some sparkly yarn it may be a different story, but is very masculine looking in my opinnion.

I love knitting and I love crochet, but my passion is Tapestry Crochet Hats. Thanks for stopping by.

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