A Square with a mission and other WIPs

This Square is made for a good cause and is for an afghan that requires 12 x 12 squares. I was very excited as this is my own design. One of the things that I like about crocheting squares is that it is very dynamic and versatile the ability to design one.

Here you see one of my Lace projects to start, or rather that I have started it is the Joel Bison Lace Scarf. It is a masculine Lace scarf that I am making for Xmas this year. I guess a lot of us will be making lots of our own Gifts this year. There are two or more work in progress that I have no picture for or that are secretly being worked on, like Tapestry Crochet Hat patterns on the burner to be published and for sale soon.
Finally as I look out of the window and sip my Ambrosia, or food coloring colored water, I am at the edge of many projects at once and very exciting as I am making each of them a priority day by day. Thanks for stopping by.


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