Friday, September 18, 2009

Hemlock Ring Baby Blanket et a Swap

This is the same Hemlock Ring Throw that FLood worked on , I decided to drop the needle size to 4mm or US 6 and this is what I got. It is made in Acrylic, but do not let that fool you it is lace and what a beatiful Baby Blanket it is ! If it was wool it would block nicier, but hey is acrylic, you can not ask much from acrylic. Just below you can see the beautiful center of the Blanket.
This is my swap from my Ravelry Battlestar FPB Group, it was a swap in which we did not buy anything, we just share some of our stuff with the partner and maybe spent about $ 5 to $ 10 on them if we wanted to.

One thing is for sure, I have found a new Love for Lace and for Alpaca Yarn, but that is to be expected. IN the next few months I will be working with this fibers and more and more into lace. There is also Tapestry Crochet which I am working on a Pattern to have for sale soon, probably within the next two weeks. I will be Using Pygora Dk Weight from Toots LeBlanc. Actually it is Blue-Face Leicester/Pygora a blend of wool from the Blue-Face Leicester sheep with Pygora goat. This combination creates a yarn that has strength and sheen. The Pygora blooms out over time, creating a lovely, subtle halo. It is available in DK and lace weights. Both are sold in 250 yard skeins. , and hopefully they will carry my pattern as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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