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Friday, September 11, 2009

Bi-Tone HoneyComb & Photography

Our Fierce Leader and Organizer WonderMike, here we are ready for introductions. The Dumas Bay Center was an excellent choice. Whether you got a lift from a friend or took the Express Shuttle, it was close to a lot of places we wanted to go.
The prices as always were fantastic, it was very hard to pick and choose, but you had too , lol. We have a trivia game and when you guess the game you get a chance to pick up a gift from the Table.
My first class was Bi-Tone Honeycomb by James Herbison from http://fibrealive.typepad.com/ who has his own yarn store in New Zealand. His great shop http://www.joyofyarn.co.nz/ is online and you can get possum wool!!! I have known James for over 5 years by Internet friendship, so it was nice to finally meet him and give him a big hug. What a nice guy and he comes with lots of New Zealand Candy!

The bi-tone honeycomb is a beautiful texture that you can use for a sweater , jumper or a bag or even a cushion cover. I wanted to learn that for such a long time and got the opportunity to do so, Thanks James and MFKR.
I took this class last year and it was a hit this year as well. Hand spindling there is Michael, Kent , James, WonderMike Teaching and Keith.
The Guys were just hanging out and chatting , getting to know each other and here enjoying the great meals that the Dumas Bay Center prepared for us with chef Bob. We had a great day. Please stop by later on, I will have day two of the retreat, hopefully today.

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