Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Hemlock Ring Throw

You know what is amazing, the more you know the more aware you are that there is so much more to learn. I learned the Emily Ocker Cast On and if You Google it you will see it. I will also be making a video to show you how it is done. It is amazing to me when people diminish one craft like Crochet for Another like Knit or vice versa, don't be foolish embrace the Dark Side lol!. So I have embarked on a Baby Hemlock Ring Throw, well is Baby size, I hope, because I am using US 6 when it calls for US 10. I am also using 8 ounces of acrylic , I believe is TLC or Baby Layette or Caron, is very soft for plastic. So far I am getting the understanding of what is lace all about and it is very interesting.
Yesterday I was able to give Benjamin his second sock. This is my First Pair of Socks on DPNs, so I have no idea what I like more. I can tell you that making a sock on a dpns is not as difficult as I thought and actually very enjoyable. So in all honesty dpns and two circulars or magic loop are just different techniques, so you have choice. I am using magic loop on the Baby Blanket and it is the first time I am using Magic loop also. This weekend I used three techniques I never used before, magic loop, socks on dpns and Emily Ocker Cast On. What can I say the Men Knitting Retreat was very inspirational and motivating. Thanks for stopping by!
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