Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My First Toe-Ups

So I have embarked on the Toe-Up sock frenzy. I think that Toe-Ups is a nice alternative. I like the idea of making a sock in a different way. I am using the Judy's magic Cast on technique, but I figure that maybe the figure eight technique will work as well. One of the points of the cast on is that some of the stitches are mounted backwards, so you either knit through the back loop or fix them as you go. I decided to fix them, it makes more sense. So in case you are wondering about the book it is Antje Gillingham Second Book, "Kniting More Circles Around Socks."
Nevertheless for a man or a person with wide feet, big feet or ample soles, the regular sock pattern will not make any sense. There are plenty of resources online for everything. I found this TOE-UP Heel technique HERE helpful. It is from someone who has the challenge of big feet and I found it helpful. I glanced over it , but have not read it completely. I think that it will help me accomplish my task on the long run. It is the Forward Motion Toe Up Heel Flap Sock Formula. Take a look at it and see if it helps you. In the meantime I am hoping to finish my socks maybe by the weekend, maybe before. Thanks for stopping by.

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