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Friday, July 03, 2009

More of the Eye of Jupiter

I am not going to reorder them, but they are from the last to the first Eye of Jupiter Colorway. This comes from the Mandala that Kara Thrace from the BSG re-imagined series presented us. This one is the last one that was accomplished by taking the time . This one is done with kool Aid and food coloring.
The picture below is the 3rd try of dyeing the Eye of Jupiter it is very close to the end result and I am very happy with it. This one is done with kool Aid and food coloring as well.
This is the 2nd attempt and even though is not what I was aiming for , it worked out fine. This yarn is 92 % wool and 8 % acrylic, which shows you the blend dyes well, but the colors are different , I was using I-Dye dyes.
I liked this one more than the one before and I was using I-Dyes as well. I have not made a yarn I had not liked. Actually I have not liked the way cottons have dyed for me, need more practice in that department I guess, but wool is so easy to dye. Thanks for following me in my adventure with yarn and I am almost done with my socks, stay tuned. Wait there is more.

This yellow - green yarn is a bulky peruvian wool from Knit Picks Bare that I wanted to dye in the new colorway that I am naming Tauron Green. Thanks for stopping by.

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