Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chamalla Bag Silk and Wool

If I never knew what to do with Sari Silk Yarn, now I know it is great to combine with wool. This bag has a strand of sari silk yarn along kool-daid dyed wool and some paton, which is the very red wool. I was able to line it with some fabric I had and hand sew the liner to the bag. If I was making this again , I would not make the bottom until the liner was in place.
This is a very sturdy bag and is double stranded, wool and silk, very sturdy materials. I will be using it to carry some of my works in progress and little projects when I go out to my knitting groups, or shopping for yarn.
This is a Combo Bag, the bottom of the Bag is done in crochet, the top is knitted and it has a liner that is hand sewn. It is wool (kool aid dyed) and sari silk yarn.

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