Is that A Cylon Raider in the Sky?

Today was a very nice day to do some knitting in public. As I am working on my second sock I swear I saw a Raider, but I could be wrong , it could have been Superman! The out of the corner of my eye I think I saw Caprica Six with Doctor Baltar in a making out session, down there, yep I think that's them, but then I am not sure. Too much Kamala Root today lol!
I swear I saw a Cylon Raider behind that cloud, maybe is Kara Thrace! I know is not Superman, but was it A Viper plane?

A beautiful day in the San Francisco Summer, not a usual way mind you. Our summers are cold by nature, but today the Gods granted us some random sunshine and warmth. Knitting in public is fun in the city by the Bay. I actually fell like laying down and taking the sun. Thanks for stopping by!


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