Going Back to the Pegasus

Personal Log the 6th day of the month of Juno Wife of almighty Zeus,close to 1300 hours, colonial time, It is time to go home and in my way home I have a new gift to myself, I call it the Tattoo of Life, it has a life of the Colonials’ Theme to it and the Lords Of Kobols are smilling. May we have a joyful journey in the river of life. Even when I have a joyous appearance my heart is a bit heavy, but nothing to it, everything good and bad does not last in life, the trick is to go forward and make life happen no mattter the circumstances. Taking responsability for one’s own destiny is the gift of the Gods. My life is full and I spring forth life in everything I touch, life is ever changing and we shall flow with it, the Gods are smilling indeed as we cpontinue our daily life journey, sometimes is a struggle , sometimes is smooth sailing, in the end everything in life is a success even deafeat is a success. May the Lords Of Kobol be with us all, So say we all.


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