Monday, April 27, 2009

Square 7 BWLTKA Side A et B

How can there be a right side and a wrong side to this beautiful square. Of course there is/ Here you see the difference betwen garter stitch and 1 x 1 ribbing,. You are also able to see knitting and purling through the back loop along with the regular boring way of knitting lol!!!!
Again I am able to match my gauge by relaxing my cast on and being persistent in my stitches. I believe that for the first time I am understanding gauge and what knitting is all about. Seriously, I never thought that I wouls be able to match this gauge, but the last 2 squares say differently.

If you are learning to Knit or want to get more experience knitting you need to do this afghan. Why ? You may ask me. Simple answer is the gamut of experiences this book will put you through will enhance your craft and will challenge your mind. I am really enjoying the journy I am taking and the squares I am making . Thanks for stopping by!

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