Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LTKA Square 4

Lattice and seed stitch square is an interesting square, the posibilities of making a sweater like this are great, lots of work. Seed stitch is a very pretty stitch. I had to extend myself almost 18 rows to get my gauge. I learned that I need to relax my cast on. A relaxed long tail cast on can be stretchy if you do not make it tight lol!
Thanks for stopping by and we shall see you next week!

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Bernard Dauphinais said...

I LOVE seedstitch. It's one of my favorites, it feels sooo good.
Beautiful square, love the color.
I've read that some people hold two needles together to make a long-tail cast-on and then remove one of the needles, thereby achieving a "loose" cast-on. Personally, I'm not fond of the method. I've found a way to use my right forefinger to space the cast-on stiches just far enough apart that when they relax they're not too tight and not too loose--usually.

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