Kara's Lace Crochet Scarf

I am still working on this Scarf that can be found HERE. The author cautions you that you need to have the exact amount of stitches to make this work. I say it is possible to have something different and still get a great looking scarf.
This scarf has the ends as in the pattern, but I found it impossible to guaranteed that I will come up with exactly 530 stitches counting the sides. So here is how I did it. This scarf has 10 squares which I made.

  1. I sc around each square the same amount of stitches.
  2. I joined all squares together.
  3. I sc around the whole pattern once.
  4. I double crochet around the whole pattern with 3 dc on each corner.
  5. I made the ends as in the pattern 3 fans on each end.
  6. After I made one side, I made sure that each fan match on the other side.

You don't have to worry that you need a certain amount of fans on each side as long as both sides match and you end your work at the beginning stitch. Sometimes that meant that I will add an extra skipped stitched to match the other side, or take it away. In the end I have the same amount of fans on the left and on the right, on the top and on the bottom. I was inspired by this pattern, but if you say that this is the same as the pattern link, I will say no. I still need to weave the ends and post another picture. I forgot how beautiful crochet can be when it simulates a lace pattern that is usually made in some other form. This wool/silk combo is not good for something else as it is of good quality, but has many splits. I am not buying from this Ebayer again, well at least not this kind of yarn. They offer to replace it, but I rather not . I bought 10 or 12 skeins sunset and black and both had knots in them, only two skeins form each set was good. I was going to knit this , but this was the only option I had, thank the Gods of Kobol for Crochet!!! Thanks for stopping by.


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