Monday, April 20, 2009

Hera's Hope Lace Scarf WIP

I am making this scarf in a bigger size with a bigger hook. I am also changing the way I am making the squares. The squares are completed with a sc row, one sc for each chain and or stitch. By doing this I have the square already set up for joining without to think about it much

What I like about this yarn is that is a bit rough so it grabs unto itself, great for this kind of lace crochet project. This yarn still under scrutiny for knitting, I would not buy it for a knit project because they have at least one or two knots in the skein which for a crochet square is no problem ans crochet can hide a multitude of sins. This is a quick project and it is for my mother's birthday . Thanks for stopping by.


Kandi said...

I like this pattern. Which yarn or thread are you using?

CraftyAndy said...

It is a light fingering weight 50/50 wool silk I found on ebay, great for crocheting, but I would not recommend it for knitting as it has many knots.

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