Flat Brioche Stitch Tutorial

Have you ever wondered what this Brioche Prime Rib Stitch is all about. There are many patterns and many ways. This tutorial is about Flat Brioche Stitch Why you can't get it? Why does my pattern swatches does not look like the picture, where are the Yarn Overs? This is only on flat Brioche Stitch. After doing so countless times and remaking the stitch and seeing myself frustrated that I was unable to get this simple stupid stinky stitch and finding a Crochet Site aka Cloudy Crochet, she explains a bit what it is, and I put it on video, well I try to lol! Thanks for allowing me in your home and I apologize for the simplicity! Life is good once more ! Thanks for stopping by!


April said…
One of these days I will figure out knitting!

Great video!
Anonymous said…
Knitting scares me. That yarn is so pretty!
Andres P. Nevarez said…
Knitting scares me. That yarn is so pretty!
This was posted by Riohna. I have been changing my comments engine.
CraftyAndy said…
I finally figured out My Haloscan Woo hoo!

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