The Yarn from Ireland

This yarn was just very nice, Manos del Uruguay that is. Manos is a very attractive yarn that I will buy anywhere. The price was reasonable otherwise I would have not made that kind of investment. Yes my friends in this day and age yarn should be looked at as an investment lol! You need to invest in renewable environmentally friendly yarn. It's just my ipinion.
Manos and the Kilcarra yarn were my investments at This is Knit in Dublin. The store is not very big, but it has a lot of yarn. I honestly did not have much time to spend here, because Michael does not like to shop at all and while he was in a good shopping mood, I had to be quick lol! This Kilcarra yarn is a tweed and it looks even better than the picture. I like green with colored specks, I would have bought enough for a sweater, but I decided not to. I have enough yarn at home still to make me two or three sweaters. This yarn may be a scarf , gloves or a hat. We shall see!
When we went to the Woollen Mills we had very little time to buy anything, so I went straight to the yarn. The did not have much to show, there was some superwash merino, but what I was looking for was the Aran Yarn. Tivoli and Kilcarra are yarns made in Ireland and that is what I wanted. The Aran Yarn has a very fluffy, yet chunky texture. I wish there were other colors, but this was perfect for what I wanted. Again a hat,scarf or gloves will be the end result of this bunch.
Well I wanted to buy more yarn, but there were not many choices at the places I went. By that I mean there were not many Irish Brands, but from what I saw this is what I bought. I wish there was time to join the Knitters' groups that met on a Saturday, but when you are on Holiday every second counts. I will like to go back to Ireland and Visit The Northern and Western Part of the Island. I will tell you it can all be done from Dublin. Well this concludes my yarn review. Later on I will tell you about the Tips for a stress free trip. Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said…
Oh that green Aran tweed id DIVINE!!!!
Thomabulous said…
Fun times...I def need Tips for a stress free trip, but first I need tips for a free trip, because that's the only type I'll afford in the next ten years.
Natrah Norlin said…
fab yarns...i wish i can go to ireland one day...
I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for sharing your Irish experiences with me. I loved reading all about them.
I wish you good health, good company and lots of love for the coming New Year - Jan x
April said…
looove the greens!

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