Monday, November 10, 2008

Gryffindor Philosopher's Hat

If you Click on the Title it will Take you to Carol's Ventura Tapestry Crochet Website and the Article where some of my work is featured. To have me featured on her site for my Tapestry Crochet is an honor . Carol Teaches Tapestry Crochet and has books on the Subject which I find interesting. I will be purchasing one sometime in the next few months because I believe she has a lot to offer as a Teacher. I do read her blog and look at her works lots of time . Sometimes we get inspired by looking at some one's work. Go and pay her a visit and check her books out, if you are interested in Tapestry Crochet she is a great Teacher as you can see some of her videos at You Tube Tapestry Crochet Channel and Visit her website HERE.

I am featured HERE on her website, what an honor!
People are always amazed at my hats. There amazement is greater when they realized they have been crocheted. My hats are Intricate work, I did not learn the Craft from Anyone, I just allowed myself to express my creativity. I always say the Yarn has a Story to tell me, I sometimes have to interview the yarn, sometimes I don't believe what it tells me, sometimes the yarn does not like how I express my interpretation. To make a long story short. A Tapestry Crochet Hat may be done in a day or it may take weeks, when you are doing it in a free form.Here you see the Back of the hat, but what do you think about the upper section that I used Front Post tc, I had some help from my Friend Asplund, I asked him if it looked better every other FP or Each FP, the result is what you see.
This is a side view of the hat, it will be in better form once it is blocked. Sometime tonight I will block the hat and allow it to take a better shape. This hat is made with Knit Picks 1 skein of Andean Silk and 1.5 Peruvian Highland Wool! Colorways mustard for the yellow and Holly Berry for the burgundy. It is Crocheted almost entirely with an F hook 3.75 mm. About 10 rows of G hook use, 4mm lol! When I want to make headway I use the bigger hook to create bulk and length. I am going to show it to some of my Monday Knitting Group fellows, before I block it. We meet at Cafe Trieste on the Corner of Market Street and Gough, San Francisco. The Top of this hat is amazing to me, it is done completely with FPdc, it is very thick, very lovely to the touch. Thanks for stopping by!


ArtNomadix said...

Great hat Andy, love the shape, well done, and great feature on Tapestry Crochet !!! crochet on, Meggan

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I love your hats. I had seen them on Flickr and favourited them.
They are very imaginative and unique hats. Beautiful workmanship.
I shall look forward to following your blog and seeing your next projects.

Erssie said...

Hello Crafty Andy!

I like your hats mainly because no-one else is doing stuff like this and you just do your own thing.

Pop over and see me sometime, I am mainly a knitter but I do other crafts as well. I am just recovering from doing loads of dia de los muertos stuff. I have known Carol Ventura on line for a few years and she out up a link to you

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the hat!!!!!

Kyle William said...

I love this hat and was so lucky to get to hold it and examine it closely - the top of it is amazing! - it'd be great if you did that same technique for a bag... ;)

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