Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Frugality Meme

No matter what the economy is like I am not a big spender. Don't take me wrong I have my priorities right, my yarn is first the I eat lol! Kidding I am not, I save my money for good stuff, I don't need much and I enjoy making my scarves, sweaters , gloves, socks and hats, do you know you can actually make knitted or crocheted towels? Well it may not be cost effective to make a towel, but you get the idea. So if you want to share what do you do to be frugal join the voluntary meme. I saw this at Riohna's Blog HERE. She makes her own pies!

Things that I do to save money.

1. Buy a Subway foot long for $ 5.00 and split it in two. You get two meals for $2.50 each. You can do the same thing with any food item that is too big for one meal, here in USA there are plenty believe me.

2. I sometimes recycle items I crochet or knit and make something else.

3 I buy a Monthly Transport Pass, it saves money!

4. I try to buy the foods that are on sale, specially if it is what I usually eat.

5. I buy in Bulk when possible and use coupons.

6. I drink Coffee at home and take coffee with me almost all the time!

7. I try not to waste water, or paper!

8. I buy some of my clothes second hand and on sale!

9. I buy good quality shoes and on sale! Good quality shoes will last you longer.

10. I follow the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition to a T.

11. Rule of Acquisition 141 only fools pay retail!
12. Get the Rules of Acquisition for better profit!
13. Never take more than you need and never give more than you have!
The economy is not too good this year, my Christmas presents are always very personal and never anything extravagant. I leave the extravangt gifts for myself lol! I don't spend much money, I believe giving is simple and a box of chocolates will be a great gift for me. A nice crochet hook, some yarn or some nice needles are great gifts for me. Books are great gifts for me as well. I do spend money in good groceries and in good entertainment. Go an stimulate the economy with real money, try not to use credit. I learned a long time ago, If I can not pay it in 12 months it better be a house.
Well just in case Santa is Listening I want a spinning wheel called the Hitchhiker (mini, roadbug model) or the other choice is Louet Victoria (S-96) or Kromski Sonata, two of them won't hurt, but the Hitch Hiker has great reviews.
Well my friends keep on keeping on and remember to have fun, life is very short and then you have more days behind you than days ahead, yep I may be feeling the fact that in two years I will be 50 years of age, half a century. Well there is more to write this week, I shall talk to you later. Keep the economy sound and do not get into debt for gift giving, it is not worth it on the long run!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Andy! Yea, I make my own pies! LOL! You have a great list!

dragonsue said...

$2.50 for a meal for one person? :-0
I get cross if I spend that on a meal to feed two of us!
Come on Andy, you can do better than that! lol

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