Fall 2009 Hats

Knitting and Crochet have changed my life in a lot of ways. I am starting my Fall Hats and the Christmas / Holiday Season' Hats. Some of them Crochet, most of them Knitted. When doing two Colors or doing color stranding I have to go one or two sizes up my regular needles so that the gauge is relax enough. Once I am about 3 inches making the hat, from the bottom up I try it on, just to make sure it fits me and the stitches look relaxed. The picture above is not the current gauge. I did have to go up another needle size to make sure the hat was sitting on comfortable.
I got a lot of inspiration from this Lady on Ravelry from Denmark , I bought a little booklet e-book from Ruth's Sorensen Website Her patterns are great and she even includes charts in the back for you to create your own charts for hats. I love Color stranding and Tapestry Crochet, it is such a creative Art form. I found her through Ravelry as I was looking for Patterns to get inspired by! I tell you she is an inspiration and has Cardigans and more.
Needless to say I already have some Charted Graphs for my Christmas Hats before the fall hats lol!. Now is the time..., but I will be working on some Fall Motif Charts, Inspired By Ruth. I can't wait till I can show you the designed Hats. I am hoping to have more for you as the week goes by. I am also Thanks for stopping by


Kyle William said…
the link to Ruth's website didn't work when I clicked it... but I am sure you are making some beautiful hats! I have yet to even begin to think about what I might want to do for the holiday...
Crafty Andy said…
Hey Kyle, link fixed. Thanks for stopping by!

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