Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A way to change Colors in Knitting

You will be able to see how to change colors in knitting , whether it is on one line, in the middle or at the beginning. You can also use bobbins of colors. You will also see the work in progress of my Adult Surprise Jacket! This is a fun project and Let me tell you I discovered that the Knit Picks' Harmony needles have a plastic base that goes into the metal. Yes you bet I already pull them apart, it is my carelessness and roughness lol! It is, I was too rough on them and pull them apart, but have no fear crazy glue them back in place. Since then I have not had any problems, plus I am extra careful not to pull on them as hard as the first time. Thanks fro stopping by and enjoy the video and the picture!


Anonymous said...

Mine did that to within a week after buying it and I wasn't pulling hard. I didn't think to try and glue it. I emailed knitpicks and they sent me another cable.

Crafty Andy said...

Thanks for the Tip Wendy, I just send them and email and they are replacing it!

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