Knit Picks Circular et more

Knit Picks has two types of circular needles and lots of cables to attach to them on the go. I ordered some to see what they look like and to make something with them. I am hoping to make the Adult's Surprise Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman , which you may find at . I am going to use the nickle plated needles and see how the behave. I ordered A set of Harmony Tips to see how they behave. So far I am not impressed with the Harmony 's looks, don't take me wrong they are pretty, but I thought the colors would be brighter, more vivid. The finish is very good, rather excellent and I will see how the behave when I knit with them.
This is part of a Baby Assemble that I am putting together with the DagronFly Dreams Afghan, So far I am very happy with the work I am doing, the stitch is a bit difficult for my hands, but giving it some rest it works out fine. I am hoping to get a hat and booties finished this weekend.


naomi said…
I like the harmony needles ! Of course I don't know much (lol) I've tried the nickel plated, but for me they are too slippery. I'm sure that goes with my newbie status as a knitter.

The set is beautiful !!! I love your work Mr. Crafty Andy !
Crafty Andy said…
Thanks Naomi. Please be aware that we all have different experiences about knitting. I like the Harmony Needles, I just thought they would be brighter colors. lol!

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