Sunday, June 01, 2008

Baby Surprise Hat!

This is the Baby Surprise Hat! Well At least a modified version of the original hat. The hat has been finished in a circular mode, It could have been a heart shaped crown, but I am afraid that I am very new at making Knitted hats. The hat was more like a bonnet, I decided to use some of the techniques I learned and sew the flaps together making it a circular kind of hat.

The hat came out very versatile as it can be used from a Baby size to a Toddler to a small Child by just rolling the brim. The crown was an after thought. I tried to do decreases as I thought would make sense. All in all with the little braids, it can be worn in many ways, Leave it to the mother or the child to fine a Vogue way of wearing the hat lol!

I will have to say that Elizabeth Zimmerman and Meg Swansen have a way of inspiring people. As I go more into having DVDs to teach me, I get the magic of having two wonderful teachers over and over again. A sweater class will go for at least $150.00, so when you purchase a video for $ 40.00 something , you have the advantage of looking at it over and over again until you get what they are trying to learn. Even though there is nothing like a personal lesson, I have learned to appreciated having this 2 gals in my living room for classes that I would otherwise not be able to take. In the future this may inspire me to create my own DVDs for teaching lol! Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Oh Andy that little hat is too precious!
I agree with you about the DVD being handy. You an watch it again and again and have a private class at your disposal.
I have one of Meg's on lace knitting and have three patterns and just really love it !
Amen I say... :)
hugsss from PA,

LadyLinoleum said...

What a great hat Andy! It's fab. I miss you!! I busted the cube farm firewall today so I'm out and about trying to comment as much as I can!!

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