Friday, May 02, 2008

Noro Kureyon my precious!

So here I am with my Noro Kureyon Yarn. Some time you have to splurge for yourself and get this yarn. I will be waiting for my government Rebate with lusty eyes as I am planning on spending it and stimulate the economy. What will I get? Hmm definitely some DVDs and a set Of Knit Picks Harmony Options and some Noro and Malabrigo yarn. I have read so much about Noro, seen so many pictures, it's good and it's bad, well mostly good lol!. This is my precious lol!
I have been watching some wonderful Dvds some of sock knitting by Nenah Galati and the Hand Knitter's Guide to Sweater Finishing with Leslye Solomon. Leslye has a great way of teaching and I loved her sweater finishing guide. I did not realized how many techniques I already knew until I saw her DVD. Knitters around the world you better learn basic single crochet and the reverse single crochet. You can do wonders with those two stitches on Knit Garments.

I have some more DVD's to look at, Elizabeth's Zimmerman's and Meg Swansen, which I have gone deeper into investigation I have learned that Meg was her daughter. Isn't it nice, isn't it the American Dream? To create your own business out of a hobby? I hunt around the Internet for good deals, from tothe famous looking for the best deal on patterns, yarn and dvds. I also like to shop at ImagiKnit here in San Francisco, it is a very nice place where everyone is helpful and knowledgeable about yarns , needles, hooks and all the Crafty paraphernalia . An Interesting, Enjoyable and Beautiful NORO Handknitting Yarn. The basic principle for NORO Yarn is "Spin yarn by hand" Use machinery only for what cannot be done by hand. This hand-spun yarn is made from finely dyed wool, lined faithfully according to color and weight, carefully maintaining the slow spinning speed by our crafts persons. Since the human hand is used in the spinning process, the natural luster and texture are obtained without considerably impairing the wool fiber. Lining up the yarn by hand results in irregular arrangement of wool, thereby giving the yarn more bulk. The features of the NORO Yarn are lightness. softness and loftiness. Please view the thickness of our yarn as an average value. Because it is a handmade yarn with raw materials being weighed and lined by human hands, thera are areas that are thick and areas that are thin. There are areas where the strand is tight and where the strand is loose, so please knit gently and discover the joy of knitting NORO yarns.
Visit their website, choose English lol! and you can see and read more about this great company. where they strive to produce yarn that is natural and gentle to people and nature that will provide joy and happiness to people who use it. "NORO Yarn" is made to fulfill these dreams. A great commercial If I saw one. lol! Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

That yarn looks delicious!!! Pet it for me!

Anonymous said...

I love love NORO yarn. It is my passion!!!! I love my noro socks (you can see the pic in my projects on ravelry --and yes I do toss them in the washer thank you very much).(the only thing I would recommend is putting it in a ball rather than use it from the pull skein because there were lotz and lotz of tangles.. I just talked to a girl yesterday who is making an afghan from Kureyon. Mitered squares. OOOHHHH. I. Must. knit. with. Noro!!!!

Crafty Andy said...

Cheryl you are so right, I am seeing the twisting happenning, Maybe my next one, or when I am done with sock number one I will make the rest of the yarn into a little ball.

Anonymous said...

Oooh lovely Noro Andy. There are aspects of Noro I am not fond of...I always find debris in my yarn, usually little twigs. The yarn thickness can vary, too, within a single skein. However, it is hands down one of the most beautiful yarns on the planet once it is worked into a project. The striping, the color...for me it is all worth it in the end. You don't often see colors that wonderful.

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