FPDC and Bobble Stitch

This is a Demonstration on how to make a Front Post Double Crochet or FPDC. I am also taking the opportunity to show you How To Make a Bobble. This stitch, the bobble is made differently by different people, it is a very versatile stitch that creates a little puffy kind of stitch, you will see what I mean, Thanks for stopping by!


April said…
Oh yeah! I have a hard time with FPDC (Actually, haven't tried it in about a year but gave up even considering any patterns that call for it!). I can't wait to watch this when I get home from work. As always thank you Andy!
naomi said…
Great video Andy, you should be a teacher.
CaroleN said…
I have not tried to do the bobble stitch and you make it look so easy. LOL Thank you for sharing,
Carole in PA

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