Gryffindor Scarf et tools of the trade

This Gryffindor scarf is finished as far as knitting goes. I am showing you some of my tools in this picture. There is paper, pencil, measuring tape, darning needles , circular needles. It took all these tools plus the yarn and some scissors to get this scarf done. My next posting should be of me showing you how I block this scarf and showing you some useful tools and maybe even diet tips. This will be my forst FO of 2008 and this is very exciting for me. Thanks for stopping by!


Kyle William said…
did you do this scarf double knitting so it's "finished" on both sides? I can't tell - but it looks very nice - it's always fun to finish a project...

you talked about supplies - in the podcast put out by Kelly Pedkin from knitpicks she recently talked about what she keeps in her "toolbag" - it was really interesting... you should check it out :)
Crafty Andy said…
I will Kyle. This scarf is made on the round not really double knit. It is not that cold in San Francisco yet lol!
Beacon Hill FC said…
Hi Andy,

I really like your work.

I'm not quite certain what you mean by "on the round" - could you explain? Do you mean on double pointed needles so the scarf is in fact a long tube? I've been doing scarves in 2 knit - 2 purl patterns so they don't turn out having a right or wrong side to them. The ribbed texture also allows the material to have a bit of extra body so you can stand them up to form a cowl-neck if it's really cold.
Crafty Andy said…
Circulars and DPN are referred to as on the round or in the round. Gramatical Lapsus Linguis!

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