Honorable Gryffindor Scarf Cast On

Yesterday I casted on the Gryffindor scarf. I am using one of my patterns, you can find it under the label free pattern. At this time I made a cable cast on and I am liking this kind of cast on as it is very tidy. By the way there is more of Barcelona to come as you will see , but I wanted to share this project. I am also wanting to make a Gryffindor Hat as well. I have plenty of other projects on hand and on queue.

I will start a Hat sometime in the next week or so with Corn yarn. This is one of the skeins that I will be using. Corn yarn is different from bamboo, it is rougher and has a bit of a give to it, like a kind of elasticity. At my LYS Imagiknit , they have a very nice sock yarn made out of corn. The yarn I saw was something extremely beautiful and great for sock making. I don't think corn yarn will be doing as good as bamboo or cotton on the long run. Corn does not have the luster of cotton or bamboo, let's see when If when I block the hat that is in the ethers , it behaves nicely lol!
I am very excited about saving my wool left overs , I believe that if I have enough left overs I will be able to make a nice color stranded Hat or sweater with some nice wool yarn. Anyway I want to thank you for stopping by and stay tuned!


naomi said…
Let us know what you think of the corn.
Can't wait to see your next hat creation.
Krystal said…
Oooh, let us know how that corn yarn works out! I've been thinking about trying some of it...
April said…
Great idea on the wool leftovers. I'm thinking of making a felted rug for my kitchen using my leftovers.

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