Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cuppa Fiber Swap and Holiday Napkins

The Cuppa Fiber was an Exchange/Swap that Naomi cooked up at The Twisted Skein. It was 200 yards of yarn, two handmade items and a pound of coffee or tea. Both my partners outdid themselves in goodies, I was blessed. I know how hard it is to make an exchange during the Holidays, but you don't want to miss in the fun. I am glad that I participated. The items below are from Betty, she really spoiled me. I even have a holiday apron, Thanks You So much!

From Betty

From Laurel

This is a Picture of the Holiday Napkins for those who are on dial-up, I have been there and well you will see them here without having to see the video. I wanted to make a video this time, as I could not make a video last time. I enjoyed both my partners swaps. I am not done with the Barcelona Trip blogging, so stay tune in the meantime there is always Christmas some weeks earlier. Thanks for stopping by!


Gina said...

You made quite well with your packages. I sepecially love the apron!!

Calvin said...

Very nice stuff, indeed. I LOVE your, "oops" at the end of the video. So cute.

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