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Happy 2008 Everyone!

This is the last Video and Entry of 2007. I want to thank everyone that is reading my blog and sharing with me on the Internet. Everyone has a place in this Great Internet World.

In 2008 there will be socks and sweaters, but scarves and hats will still be my main connection to the world of knitting and crocheting. Happy and Prosperous 2008 Everyone!

Merry Christmas 2007

Welcome to Christmas 2007 and to the close of a another great year. Here is my toast to the Holiday Season as we sit down to opening presents. We had some Panettone and coffee for breakfast. Panettone (Milanese: panetton classical orthography, panetùn other orthography) is a typical bread of Milan, usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year around Italy, and one of the symbols of the city. Maltese nationals are also traditionally associated with this sweet bread.
This is a view of our Christmas tree before the opening of gifts, and before all the fun began lol!

We had some Puppies , and a Bear (made by Naomi )You can see the three Kings watching over the presents. I have two gifts that I will finish by the Three Kings days, or Epiphany, and I am working on them still. I did not have time to finish them due to wrist pains, but it will all work out.
So here are the puppies, Bu and Budder, time to let them loose and keep unwrapping presents. Some came from Big stores, some ca…

Duplicate Stitch and Weaving the Ends

Hope you enjoy this little Video, I am showing you my Gryffindor Scarf WIP and the DUplicate Stitch Technique. I hope this clarifies the stitch for you! The duplicate stitch follows any stitch on the wrong side of the garment. You are just weaving the tail of the yarn .Thanks for stopping by

Shh! Santa is coming to town!

Well is kind of a Non-secret Secret you know. Did you see my sexy picture lol! I have been very busy, working on some of my projects this week. I was going to meet with two other bloggers , but it did not work out, maybe some other time. I sent all my Christmas Presents , they have been mailed, even though I could have waited for the Epiphany. The Epiphany is celebrated by both the Eastern and Western Churches, but a major difference between them is over precisely which historical events the feast commemorates. For Western Christians the feast primarily commemorates the coming of the Magi, while in the East the feast celebrates the Baptism of Christ in the Jordan. However, in both cases the essence of the feast is the same: the manifestation of Christ to the world (whether as an infant or in the Jordan), and the Mystery of the Incarnation. * Puertorricans love to party and Christmas and the Epiphany is another excuse to continue the celebrations. The "Octavitas" is one of the…

What is Polyamide Fiber made of?

A polyamide is a polymer containing monomers joined by peptide bonds. They can occur both naturally, examples being proteins, such as wool and silk, and can be made artificially, examples being Nylons, Aramids, and sodium poly(aspartate).

Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material, first used commercially in a nylon-bristledtoothbrush (1938), followed more famously by women's “nylons” stockings (1940). It is made of repeating units linked by peptide bonds (another name for amidebonds) and is frequently referred to as polyamide (PA). Nylon was the first commercially successful polymer and the first syntheticfiber to be made entirely from coal, water and air. These are formed into monomers of intermediate molecular weight, which are then reacted to form long polymer chains.
Nylon was intended to be a synthetic replacement for silk and substituted for it in many different products after silk became scarce during World War II. It replaced silk in military applications such as parachutes, …

Cuppa Fiber Swap and Holiday Napkins

The Cuppa Fiber was an Exchange/Swap that Naomi cooked up at The Twisted Skein. It was 200 yards of yarn, two handmade items and a pound of coffee or tea. Both my partners outdid themselves in goodies, I was blessed. I know how hard it is to make an exchange during the Holidays, but you don't want to miss in the fun. I am glad that I participated. The items below are from Betty, she really spoiled me. I even have a holiday apron, Thanks You So much!

From Betty

From Laurel
This is a Picture of the Holiday Napkins for those who are on dial-up, I have been there and well you will see them here without having to see the video. I wanted to make a video this time, as I could not make a video last time. I enjoyed both my partners swaps. I am not done with the Barcelona Trip blogging, so stay tune in the meantime there is always Christmas some weeks earlier. Thanks for stopping by!

Santa's Little Helper WIP 07

Just a Holiday update on my Works in Progress. There is another Video I want to do later this week , as I will have more time to do it, and I will show you a good way to store your circular needles. Sometime today I will have a chance to start setting up the Christmas tree. I have had some problems going to my yahoo mail, so be patient if I have not gotten to you. Here we have our Bu and Buder two chocolate labs that will be in our lives in remembrance of Buster Brown. I guess when we look at the ancient civilizations they may have done the same. These kinds of animals have been with humankind for so long. So here we have our new Chocolate Labs. I am glad the Holidays are here as it is one of my favorite times to enjoy life more than ever and to remember the other good times in life besides the present. I hope you like the video and thanks for stopping by!

Honorable Gryffindor Scarf Cast On

Yesterday I casted on the Gryffindor scarf. I am using one of my patterns, you can find it under the label free pattern. At this time I made a cable cast on and I am liking this kind of cast on as it is very tidy. By the way there is more of Barcelona to come as you will see , but I wanted to share this project. I am also wanting to make a Gryffindor Hat as well. I have plenty of other projects on hand and on queue.
I will start a Hat sometime in the next week or so with Corn yarn. This is one of the skeins that I will be using. Corn yarn is different from bamboo, it is rougher and has a bit of a give to it, like a kind of elasticity. At my LYS Imagiknit, they have a very nice sock yarn made out of corn. The yarn I saw was something extremely beautiful and great for sock making. I don't think corn yarn will be doing as good as bamboo or cotton on the long run. Corn does not have the luster of cotton or bamboo, let's see when If when I block the hat that is in the ethers , it …

Barcelona Part 1

This is the Hotel Lobby, Hotel Grand Centralon Via Layetana 30 or Via Laietana 30. Located in the centre of the city, next to Barcelona’s cathedral, with spectacular views of the entire Gothic district and the ancient city walls. * The Dollar was worth not much in Europe, but we were able to have a great time on a budget. We arrived to Barcelona from Frankfurt and got our 5 Day Barcelona Card. The Barcelona City Card features free travel on public transport and over 100 discounts and free offers at museums, cultural venues, entertainment, leisure attractions, evening venues, shops and restaurants. You can choose from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 day passes! Every card comes with a FREE guidebook with helpful information on the establishments associated with the card, as well as a city map. We got it at the Airport at the Turism Office. It was the best deal in town. * Our Vacation Started by coming out of the Airport and taking the bus at the RENFE Train Station. We were left at the Sants Station w…

Bacalao A la Catalana

Welcome to December and with December 07 I am sharing one of my favorite personal recipes.

I grew up with a Roman Catholic Background and part of my family came from the Northern Part of Spain. My maternal grand mother used to make this dish sometimes, specially on Friday. It was special since we could not eat Red Meat because it was a Catholic thing. I enjoyed the Bacalao prepared this way ever since any day. The main dish is a Mediterranean dish , the side orders have a Caribbean flair, from sea to sea as they say.


Salted Codfish 1 pound
1 onion
1/8 cup of minced garlic
1 can of diced tomatoes, or 4 to 6 tomatoes diced even better
a small jar of stuffed Spanish olives (around 30 olives)
1/4 cup of Olive oil
1/8 cup of Vinegar (as natural as you can get it) , Apple cider vinegar is good as well
Laurel Leaves
Ground Pepper to taste

The picture that you see is of salted codfish.


1) You let it soak overnight in a deep pot full of water, then the next day you throw the water o…