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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Norwegian Style Ravenclaw Hat 1

Every time I take a picture of me wearing my hats with two circular needles dangling I feel like a Borg. lol! This is a new technique of Color -Stranding it actually has a graph. One of the points that you have to avoid is the fact that your vision of perfection and the reality of perfection are two different themes. This is a hand knit accessory and as such it is bound to have some so called imperfections. If you carry a strand more than 3 stitches away it will not be too good, I think the longest I feel comfortable carrying a strand is maybe 5 to 6 stitches before I let it get caught by the contrasting color.
I am using US 6 which I believe are 4.5 mm and the count for my stitches is 120 and the flexibility of the hat has not been compromised by the color stranding technique. I try the hat on every 2 to 4 rows to make sure I am not making it too tight and allowing for the normal draping of the stranding to take place. This knits very fast, I believe I will have a new Hat before the weekend is over, then I will be making another one with the copper yarn version. Thanks for stopping by!


April said...

Funny, Andy. It does look kind of science-fictiony in the photo, doesn't it?

I'm no good at color stranding in crochet but I hope to learn.

Jason said...

Best looking Borg ever! :-)