Sunday, November 11, 2007

Color Stranding Slytherin Hat a Cast On

Here you have the cast on of the Honorable Slytherin House Hat. It is actually telling me the story about Hogwart's and the slytherin house. Let's see what will happen as I finish making the rim of the hat wchich will have 26 rows and then it will be folded creating a cushiony brim.

This is my attemot at making a snake in the proper graph. There will be 5 Panels, I am hoping to make 3 of them snakes and the other two I have not decided yet what to make.
I started this hats with US size 7 , knitted 3 rows and it was way too big, so I frogged the 3 rows and recasted it using US 6, this works out a lot better. I believe that I will have this hat done by the end of this week. Thanks for stopping by.

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