Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I crochet I swear I do, Ravenclaw WIP

Here marked by the Orange stitch markers you can see the traveling joggless stripes. I am working on this and I swear to you I crochet, I will be continuing my crochet of the Ravenclaw Hat Thursday or Friday. So far I have this much which you have already seen in the past.. I will also be making a crochet scarf and hat of the Honorable Ravenclaw House, but instead of Silver I will be using the copper tone.

Am I a Harry Potter fan as you can tell, what I like is my ability to create stuff inspired by the movie. I wished I went to a school like that, the fun and the attention from the professors to the students is very enticing. Also the fact that Now that Dumblerdore came out of the closet , maybe things will be better in the Wizardly World of Harry Potter lol! I was not shocked, but had a gay old time enjoying the fact, I think it is good, Kudos to R.J. Rowling. Thanks for stopping by.


Gina said...

Nawwww, you...a Harry Potter way, you don't say. LOL...can you say obsessed. HEHEHHEHEHHEHEHEHE

Crafty Andy said...

Just a little obssession lol!

Anonymous said...

I kept hearing on the radio and seeing little things here and there that Dumbledore came out of the closet. I even saw a guy wearing a t-shirt about it. But I had no clue who he was! I had to google him to find out. All the buzz about it--you'd have thought the president came out! (I've never read or seen any HP movies/books, etc.!...not even one!!!)

The scarf is looking great.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now my boss is talking about Dumbledore. I feel like someone who doesn't read the paper, or watch the news. Someone who has no clue what is going on in the world. I know worldly news doesn't really necessarily encompass HP, but I think it has become so ingrained in our culture that it's bascially equivalent to news these days. I am very, very out of the loop. Quite ignorant on the whole topic, actually. Maybe one of these days I'll just have to read the series.

The illusion scarf in totday's post is quite lovely. I like how each side is so different. I would love to do that, it gives me many ideas. I might just have to learn.

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