Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall is in the Air

I had to pick up some leaves to let everyone know that there is fall in California. Maybe it does not last as long as in other places, but we definitely have a nice and pretty fall season as the leaves can attest.
I am doing some more work on the hat and the scarf today, but I wanted to show you the inspiration enhancing CDs that I got to help me with my crafts. I also received the Interweave Knits 2007 Holiday Gifts edition . If you like Hats, gloves and bags you will love it. It has some interesting sock patterns as well and Boot Toppers, I never heard of that, what a fashion statement lol! There are lots of other gifts and in my opinion it is worth my money. The pictures are nice too, lol!
I wish I could change the world and bring peace, I am tired of listening to wars and countries threatening countries. Whatever plan the Gods or God or Goddess have they better implement it quickly. Well for now I am declaring that there shall be no more war!
I want to thank you for stopping by and maybe I will have more progress pictures of my scarf on Sunday, it depends how Saturday turns out to be. I am hoping to go and have some Japanese food, which is my least favorite of international foods,but I like it. Until later my friends!

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April said...

Beautiful leaves. Orange on the trees makes me so happy. Here they've pretty much all fallen to the ground by now and everything is getting winter barren.

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