Counting My Stash

No I have not disappeared yet, and survived the Earth Tremor we just had. I have been counting my stash for the Ravelry and so far I have about 200 to 300 skeins of yarn and about 100 Types (color blends). So I am about 2/3 done counting my stash and then I will be inventorying my needles and hooks. Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow I will definitely have a fun video with a Happy Halloween Message lol! Stay tuned.


Cheryl said…
I am glad to hear you are ok! I was worried when I heard there were tremors there! HUGS!!!
April said…
I am so very jealous of your time playing with your stash. I have been meaning to get my stash onto Ravelry, but I keep neglecting to!
Kyle Kunnecke said…
as long as you don't have 1000+ yarns like I did you should be fine... organizing is fun - (staying organized is difficult; at least for me) - but I don't know if I'll ever put all my stash on ravelry - it's a lot of work and I have yet to find the value of putting it on there... maybe in time (when my stash is more manageable) but for now, it's on a list in my computer, and in baggies and bins, etc. etc. :)
Calvin said…
Glad to know that you're okay. I can't have you falling off into the Pacific! :-) Be safe.

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